Benoit Salvant

@ Imperial College

Berkeley 2001

Un stage pas comme les autres.

Sylvain, Nico and I looking for the Thanksgiving turkey in the sand dunes of Death Valley. Looks rather hot for the end of November!

Commissioning of the Superbends in the ALS Control Room.

Terry at the back was just about to send the first
electrons in the storage ring, while Christof,
Laurent and I were still very anxious to attend
the outcome of this 10-year-long and $4.5 million project.

That was 1 AM, Friday August 31th 2001.


I-House atmosphere: unique!!!

The Superbend Project Team awarded with the Halbach award for outstanding Instrumentation in October 2001for the success of the commissioning of the Superbend

Two group pictures in Yosemite National Park with friends from International House Berkeley


Who can resist gambling in Las Vegas?

Installation of one the three Superbends in mid-August 2001, in front of David Robin, my supervisor and Project Leader (at the bottom right corner), Jim Krupnick, Project Manager, Daniel Chemla, Director of the ALS dvision, and Charles Shank, Director of Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.


After 7 years of shame, Berkeley beats Stanford in the "Big Game" 2002

Clem, Benoit and Nico in LA.

The IHouse fifth floor Summer mafia, with my Fall semester roomate Nabheet on the left.

A sight of San Francisco from Alcatraz, with friends who stayed over the Summer at I-House in Berkeley.