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A trip through my education and experience

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Did you end up here by chance and do you want to know more about myself (let's say a lot more!)?:

25, 6 feet and 176 pounds, I am in my last year of studying in my Grande Ecole in Paris. I am very happy to spend this last year in the center of London. I am Breton, fond of teamsports and addicted this year to the pubcrawling tradition. Thanks to the French Grandes Ecoles system, I will graduate and obtain both my MSc and the unitech diploma at the end of 2003, after a uniquely rich experience.

Is this not enough for you? Let's go a lot more into details...Here are my recent milestones:

You can also download my CV in both MS Word or Adobe PDF formats.

1994-1996 : High School in Morlaix

Student at lycée Notre-Dame du Mur in Morlaix (Brittany).

Qualified to the French National Premiership with Morlaix-Plougonven HB. (1994, 95 and 96).

Volley Ball
4th in the Brittany Championships with Morlaix Volley Club (1996).
4th in the High School Brittany Championships (1996).

8th in the French High School National Championships in the 50m indoor disciplin (UGSEL 1994).
Twice Champion of Brittany with the 4 by 100 metres relay (UGSEL 1994).
2nd in the Brittany Championships for 200m (UGSEL1995).

3rd in the Brittany Championships (UGSEL 1996).

Président of the high school student union (1995 and1996).
High School Representative to the Brittany student parliament in Rennes (1995 and 1996).

And despite all that...
High School graduation (Baccalauréat) with Highest Honours (mention Très Bien) in June 1996.
Came first of the High School out of all sections.
Put forward by the High School to the very elitist Concours Général in maths and physics in may 1996.

1996-1998 : "Classes Prépa Maths Sup" in Ginette

Student at Lycée Privé Sainte-Geneviève in Versailles (more famous under the nickname "Ginette"), one of the top 3 prep schools in France, and the best one in my section in the two years I attended it.

Champion of Ile de France (FNSU 1997).
Qualified for the quarter finals of the French Nationals 1997.
Unfortunately, these quarter finals were scheduled on the second day of the national examinations.

Volley Ball
Twice winner of the varsity match "Ginette - Hoche" (1997 and1998).
Engaged in the Ile de France championships (1997 and1998).

Responsible for sport management in my class of PCSI2 (1996-97).
President of the Ginette sport union association (1997-98).

And the Grandes Ecoles competitive national examinations (April to July 1998)...
12th out of 50 in PCSI2, and 28th out of 100 in the global PCSI end-of-year exam.
Eligible to Ecole Polytechnique, Mines-Ponts, and Centrale-Supelec after written examination .
Ranked evenly in all three exams after orals between 300 and 400 out of 3,000 to 5,000 candidates.
I was a successful candidate in my first and only attempt to these exams at Supaéro, ENSTA, Supelec, Centrale Lyon, among others, and I chose to spend the three following years in Paris within ESPCI.

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Ecole de Physique & Chimie Paris

Paris Institute of Technology

Student at Ecole Supérieure de Physique & Chimie Industrielles de la ville de Paris (ESPCI), within Paris Institute of Technology (ParisTech).

Winner of the ParisTech tournament in 1999.
Finalist of the National chemistry and chemical engineering schools (Interchimies 1999).
Winner of
the National chemistry and chemical engineering schools (Interchimies 2002).

Volley Ball
Champion of Paris (FNSU 1999).

Responsibilities and voluntary service
President of the sport student association of ESPCI (1998-99).
Official of the ESPCI Junior Entreprise.
Voluntary service in teaching French every week to illiterate adults from Mali.

Starting out professionally
Handling, checking and conditioning goods in a cold store of Frigoscandia in Morlaix, France (1 month in July 1999).
Numerous private courses
for High School and maths sup' MPSI students.
Staff Teacher Associate in Mathematics and Engineering Physics at Lycée Privé Sainte Geneviève from 1999 to 2002.

Et les exams, et les exams, et les exams...
Ranked 14th out of 48 engineering physics students over the whole three years.
Honours in Optics, Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, Spectroscopy, Inorganic Chemistry, Telecommunication systems and English.

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Spring 2000: a very important decision!

With the agreement of the direction of ESPCI, I decided to do 18 months of internship instead of the 4 to 6 months that are mandatory to obtain my diploma. These 18 months would be shared out evenly between three separate 6 months work placement in companies or research institutes in Germany, France and in the United States.

There are many reasons to this decision. I wanted to gain a solid professional experience, and I wanted to discover different work environments. I also wanted to live and work abroad, and check my adaptability and my abilities in several areas of engineering and science before giving the final direction to my studies. I had the naive dream of living for a while on the campus of one of those huge famous US universities, but above all, I wanted to be fluent in both English and German in a professional environment at the end of these internships.

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Sept. 2000 - Jan. 2001: Bayer AG (Germany)

In my first work placement, I was assigned to the Central research division of Bayer AG in Leverkusen (Germany) under the supervision of Dr. Franz von Nussbaum (Bayer AG, Zentral Forschung, Wirkstoffforschung, Abteilung Pharma Forschung 2). I worked on "Total Synthesis of new active principles for anticancer pharmaceuticals using combinatorial and solid-phase chemistry."

In concrete terms, this was research in organic biochemistry, rather far upstream from the pharmaceuticals market. My role was the actual synthesis of target compounds, using all the synthesis tools and analytical tools available in a first class research center like Bayer Central Research, and I also had to manage the tasks of Frau Carola Langen, assitant labworker of Dr Franz von Nussbaum.

My work placement succeeded in synthesizing a library of 14 brand new compounds that were sent straight away to pharmaceutical testing. It also enabled to optimize several synthesis routes of fundamental intermediate compounds.

Full member of TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen 1st team which played in Kreisliga, as a left wing.

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February 2001- June 2001: CEA (France)

Four days after the end of my German experience, I was hired as an Intern within "Direction des Applications Militaires" of Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique (CEA/DAM) under the supervision of Prof. Armand Soldera (CEA/DAM/DMAT/SCMF/LIMO), who is now a professor in Molecular Physical Chemistry at Sherbrooke University, Québec, Canada. The aim of my internship there was to model the mechanical properties of various polymers using molecular mechanics and dynamics. These polymers needed very stringeant characteristics as they were planned to be used in the beams of Laser MégaJoule (LMJ), one of the next generation "mega lasers".

My role was to devise a reliable modelling method, which would enable to compare the mechanical properties of new polymers that had not been synthesized yet. The polymers, whose properties are satisfactory would then be selected, synthesized and tested. This approach was intended to greatly reduce avoidable costs of synthesis. In order to devise this method, I adapted and implemented a commercial polymer modelling software.

By the end of my internship, I obtained a method, which gives reliably very good qualitative and quantitative results for the mechanical properties of two target polymers, Upilex and Kapton.

Full member of Régionale 1 club St Avertin-Sport for what remained of the league 2000-2001.

Full member of AS Ripault, club of CEA Le Ripault.

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July-December 2001:

Lawrence National Berkeley Lab

University of California, Berkeley

Two days (!) after the end of my contract with CEA in France, I started my assignment in California, as a US Government Staff of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory at University of California, Berkeley under the supervision of Dr. David S. Robin (ALS Accelerator Physics Group Leader). I was a member of the Superbend Project (installation and commissioning of 3 new superconducting magnets in the Advanced Light Source, a 3rd generation storage ring - budget: M$ 5).

Arrived two months before the start of the effective installation of the "superbend" magnets, I was responsible with my teammates Kurtis and Andrea (2 undergrads at Cal), of magnetic measurements on the freshly built and delivered superbends. I was also assigned the task to predict the trajectory of the electrons in the magnetic field of these Superbend, and to set within their installation coordinates in the building. After the superbends were installed, I participated in the 1-month-commissioning of the storage ring. Finally, after the success of the Superbend project, I was assigned studies on the effects of this installation on the quality of the photon beam delivered to the users.

As a member of the Superbend Project team, I have been awarded for the success of this intallation by the Halbach Award for Outstanding Instrumentation.

Successful Completion of the ALS Superbend Project
D.S. Robin, R.J. Benjegerdes, A.K. Biocca, P. Bish, W. Brown, W.E. Byrne, D. Calais, M.J. Chin, C. Corradi, D. Coulomb, J. De Vries, R. DeMarco, M. Fahmie, A. Geyer, J.P. Harkins, T. Henderson, J. Hinkson, E. Hoyer, D. Hull, S. Jacobson, J. Krupnick, S. Marks, J. McDonald, P. Molinari, R. Mueller, L. Nadolski, K. Nishimura, F. Ottens, J.A. Paterson, P. Pipersky, A. Ritchie, S.L. Rossi, B. Salvant, R.D. Schlueter, A. Schwartz, J. Spring, C. Steier, C. Taylor, W.G. Thur, C. Timossi, A. Wandesforde, J. Zbasnik, LBNL, Berkeley; W. Decking, DESY, Hamburg; J. Chen, B. Wang, Wang NMR, Livermore
Proceedings of European Particle Accelerator Conference (EPACS) 2002, Paris France

Commissioning of the ALS with Superbends
C. Steier, T. Byrne, L. Nadolski, D.S. Robin, B. Salvant, T. Scarvie, LBNL, Berkeley; W. Decking, DESY, Hamburg
Proceedings of European Particle Accelerator Conference (EPACS) 2002, Paris France

Full member of the San francisco Bay Area California Heats, 3rd in the US Championships in 2001 and 2002.

Full member of the team of my residence hall International House, Berkeley in the university's Intramurals competitions.

Full member of the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab team.
Full member of the team of my residence hall International House, Berkeley in the university's Intramurals competitions.

10-15 Folsom Street
On the guest-list every Friday night !

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July 2002 - September 2002: CERN (Switzerland)

CERN (European Lab for Particle Physics) is the biggest physics lab in the world.

CERN's Summer Session is a very selective summer programme for undergraduates, which consists of lectures on CERN activities and an internship within one the CERN's division, for which I was assigned to the Accelerator Physics group of the Accelerator and Beam Division, under the supervision of Dr. Oliver Brüning.

My project within the AP group was to model the effects of faulty Beam Position Monitors (BPMs) on the orbit correction of the LHC proton beam. The LHC (Large Hadron Collider) will be the 27 km diameter accelerator, which should reach the record energy of 14 TeV, and which has already reached the record budget of 2.5 billion euros. The precision and the reliability of the orbit correction is fundamental, as the proton beam will carry an energy such that any contact of a part of the beam with the vacuum chamber would totally annihilate this chamber.

Volley Ball
Winner of the internal CERN beach volley tournament.

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2002 - 2003 :

Imperial College, London (UK)

Before the end of my 3rd year at ESPCI, I was selected by ParisTech (Paris Institute of Technology) to participate in the management Unitech-International programme at Imperial College, London.

I am currently following courses in both the Electrical & Electronic Engineering department, and in the Imperial College Business School (Finance, Marketing, Production and Operations Management, Entrepreneurship, Accounting). I am studying towards the International Diploma of Imperial College, which is the equivalent of a Master of Engineering, as well as the Unitech-International Master Degree, which is delivered by the 8 academic partners (UPC Barcelona, Chalmers Göteborg, ParisTech, RWTH Aachen, TU Delft, Politecnico di Milano, ETH Zürich, and Imperial College London).

Volley Ball
Full member of the 1st team of Imperial College, which participates in regional and national University leagues (BUSA).

Full member of the 1st team of the Royal School of Mines, which participates in the London University league.
Member of the Beit Hall team

Never missed a good nite out, especially in Tiger Tiger or Onanon...

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DaimlerChrysler (Germany)

This fourth and last 6-month-internship is needed to complete the Unitech Programme. I am currently working within the Personal Car motor department of the DaimlerChrysler Research and Technology division under the supervision of Patrick Attard until the end of February 2004.

The aim of this internship is to design a neural network system that would control the combustion parameters in future Merceded-Benz engines.

Full member of the 1st team of HSG Oberer Neckar, which participates in the Bezirksliga league.
Full member of the SG Stern team (DaimlerChrysler Konzernsport).

Work is good, but Boa afterworkparties are really really good!!