Benoit Salvant

@ Imperial College

Stuttgart 2003

DaimlerChrysler AG

First things first!

Here's an insight into Augustiner Brauerei's tent. Wahnsinn!


Traditional carriages and traditional beer barrel...

My two roomates Stefan and Steffen at the DaimlerChrysler Wohnheim, with the twins Jens and Jorg who had set a amazing week end for us.

My roomate and colleague at Mercedes-Benz in front of the DaimlerChrysler hall at the IAA car show in Frankfurt

In the Daimler hall, with the new concept car Vision CLS at the bottom.


FC Bayern München - Bayer 04Leverkusen

The kind of game that never let you down...

Red card for Zé Roberto

A bit later at the Oktoberfest after that amazing football game showing off with the lethal weapon down there: theMass...


Hopefully Munich does not have the monopoly of nice Volkfests!
In Stuttgart as well, after work, "Ab in den Wasen"!
Anne-Sophie, Malena, Helena, a Mass,
Yvonne, the French lad with the Mass, Alvaro, et Patrick.